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Add भांग | Bhang in Your Web3 Journey

Why Bhang?

Bhang has a pleasant presence in Individual lifestyles, and various social cultures, and is an eco-friendly part of the environment.

It is the source of sustainable raw materials for various present-era products and gives alternatives to almost every category of goods you use and continues to use ahead in the future without harm.

Adding Bhang to your life will take you on the path you all seek.


Bhang/Hemp/Cannabis/Marijuana/Vijaya/Harshini etc have everything to make a decentralised trustless community for lifestyles, cultures, and environmental needs.


Hence, building the next-era lifestyles, cultures, and environments in the next age of the internet is obvious.

Decentralized Commerce for Decentralized Communities.

Bhangola DBO is a DAO working for Trinity i.e., Individual, Society, and Ecosystem. Our community respects individuals’ lifestyles, social cultures, and individuals’ eco-consciousness.

Join The Bhangola DBO Community

Web Domain Interactions of DBO


Proposal for "Bhangola DBO"

Bhangola “Decentralized Brand Organisation” will be a blockchain-based brand organization created in phases to cater to and provide a scalable community brand for the next age of the Internet., encouraging decentralization and making a sustainable economic model focusing on health, wellness, fashion, and lifestyle.


  • Knowledge of Blockchain, NFT, DAO

  • Able to check the public ledger.

  • Believe in the community model of Web3.

भंगोला | Bhangola DBO


  • Create your Avatar for the metaverse, and gain badges and merchandise.

  • NFT & Non-NFT Avatar.

  • Whitelisting/Blisting, Event-Based, Qualification Based, B-drop (airdrop).

  • Additional Benefits for NFT Avatars, Mint Your Avatar with bhangola assets on.

बिल्ला | Billa (NFT)

  • Get badges for your journey, and add experiences to your lifestyle.

  • NFT Roles, Responsibilities, lifestyle, perks

मोह भूमि | Moh Bhumi (Metaverse Space)

  • Your Bhang shop/site/room is here. (Interact to Create)

  • Inter-Operable Metaverse

अद्वैत | Adwait (NFT)

  • NFT Roles, Responsibilities, lifestyle, perks

  • Bhang Votary, Bhang Buddy, Bhang Peer, Bhang Buddhi, Bhang Moderator, Bhang Influencer, Bhang Lover, Bhang OG. 

  • 1/4, 1/8, 1/8, 1/8, 1/8, 1/8, 1/16, 1/16 respective Voting Power

The Limited Supply NFT. Contributes to voting power in DBO.

DBO as a suffix of your Web3 Identity (NFT)

  • Create your decentralized website, receive payment, login to many dapps, and the potential goes on.

  • NFT Roles, Responsibilities, lifestyle, perks






  • BHANGOLA.888




Giving More Meaning to NFTs

Utility-driven NFT ecosystem 

Utility-driven NFTs within this ecosystem can include access tokens to exclusive events, membership passes granting privileges on platforms, governance rights for decentralized organizations, or NFTs representing fractional ownership of real-world assets.

Time-limited NFTs - बिल्ला | Billa (NFT)

Refer to digital assets that have a predefined duration. These NFTs can be used to create unique experiences or events within a specific timeframe. For example Brand Coupons and Badges etc. Time-limited NFTs add a sense of opportunity and urgency to the digital collectibles market, creating a time-sensitive opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts

Minted NFTs - अद्वैत | Adwait (NFT)

Roles representing responsibilities within DBO. For example membership NFTs and PFP NFTs. This establishes the authenticity, scarcity, and ownership rights of the digital asset


DBO is to make use of various types of NFTs as it deems fit.

Open to public classification/Community Approved 


35% Foundation | Reduced to 20% till last voting participant NFT Series | TECH, STRATEGY, ADVOCATES

15% Team | Company Assets | Dealing with products and logistics IRL

50% Individual Holder | Open to all

  • Starting with KYC Verified BV NFT Holders

  • BV NFT holders will start with 100% voting power and will allocate % voting to the next series BB NFT by proposal and voting

  • Similarly will launch all 8 NFT series

  • 8 Autonomous divisions within DBO | Education, Design, IRL Stores/Warehouse, Marketing, Ambassadors, Tech, Social and Environment Impact, DBO Review

Last Voting Structure

  • Bhang Votary >= 25% 

  • Bhang Buddy >= 12.5%

  • Bhang Peer >= 12.5%

  • Bhang Buddhi >= 12.5%

  • Bhang Moderator >= 12.5%

  • Bhang Influencer >= 12.5%

  • Bhang OG >= 6.25%

  • Bhang Lover >= 6.25%

Divisions will be led by particular NFT series holders, can rotate among the NFT series or withheld by the NFT series as discussed and voted in DBO

Initial Launch | 8x108 BV NFT = 864 NFTs


Food, Cosmetics, Fashion Wear, Medicine, Structure, Digital, Recreational, Packaging


Color, Economy, Mood, Chakra

Whitelist for next series of NFT ( to call next entry participants )

Build, Make, and Collab

By Community, For Community

Collab NFTs

Sales share/commission | NFT+ Products

Give extra perks in both projects.

Lock and Swap NFTs

10% reserved from every series.

Ways to collab with different projects | Add bhang to the community on will.

Enter Game Projects

  • For Example | League of Kingdoms

  • Programs | Gain Dev Points

  • Rewards | BadgeNFT, CouponNFT, Payments

  • Further addition | Rent Drago, NFTs airdrop, etc

  • Further Integration | Own alliance, continents, win CvC, Distribute rewards to players, skins, skills, Non-NFT component.

Dead Identity/Wallet/NFTs

  • Badges (Time-limited - बिल्ला | Billa) will be provided/airdropped every 4 years to the NFT holders.

  • Blacklisted/banned NFT after voting in DAO will not be airdropped.

  • To recover numbers, new mints, and waiting lists will be considered.

  • Blacklist/banned | Spammer/non-activity for 2 quarters in voting

  • 2/3 present and voting to blacklist or ban.

  • Reactivation for blacklist - 3/4 present and voting.

Return NFTs

  • Before 4 years anyone who wants to leave the ecosystem can submit a request for withdrawal.

  • ~60% payment made to purchase NFT from bhangola.nft platform will be refunded.

  • Applicable only for 1st time at project launch.

Loyalty Programs

  • Badges to performers will be used to integrate into the community.

  • Rewards according to the target community. For Example In-game resource NFTs, airdrops, etc.

  • Merge NFTs | Peers having equivalent NFTs from 2 or more ecosystems can merge and use a single NFT in each of them.

API for Bhang Shop | Buy, Sell Bhang Products @ your tribe/community

  • The community can join us

  • Sales share with the community

  • Can be used to integrate more

Engagement to Earn | E2E

  • IRL Product Selling Cost | Product + Artist Royalty + Operation cost + Profit

  • NFT Cost | Floor Price | Artist & DBO Royalties + Membership Deposits/Crowd Funding/Utility for profits.

  • Profit will be shared to Voting Rights holders proportionately initially and later Shifted to UBI + Network Points Gathered

UBI - Universal Basic Income

Initialisation of DBO | India Chapter

BB in the bhangola ecosystem represents Bhang Buddhi and Bhang Buddy


Bhang Buddhi: Hi Earthlings, I am Bhang Buddhi from a Sustainable Bhangverse.
भांग | Bhang landed here with wisdom. Looking for a group of bhang-buddies to take the masses to web3.

Follow Me :

Bhang Buddy: Hi Fellow Peers, I am Bhang Buddy working according to the wisdom from Bhangverse, unleashing the power of sustainable bhang, we pioneer a regenerative future, weaving it seamlessly into the transformative realm of Web3. Together, we build a greener world where sustainability and technology unite for lasting change.

Asset 3_4x copy.png

Web3 Identities | “Mint & Own in your Wallet”

  • Readable/user-friendly addresses

  • Receive crypto payments (link wallet for the token)

  • Mail@ethermail | Chat/interact with your digital social network.

  • Own Website/Profile Website

  • Many more upcoming features

For Example -







Dear fellow advocates for a greener future,


In the pursuit of a sustainable world, a transformative force is emerging at the intersection of eco-consciousness and cutting-edge technology. We, the pioneers of sustainable bhang products, embrace this convergence with unwavering determination as we lay the foundation for a greener, more prosperous tomorrow in the realms of Web3.

Harnessing the power of bhang, nature's extraordinary gift, we are the torchbearers of change, unlocking the immense potential of this versatile plant to revolutionize industries and shape a future that harmonizes with our planet's needs. From regenerative agriculture practices to carbon-negative manufacturing processes, our mission goes beyond profit — it is a commitment to healing the earth and rewriting the narratives of progress.

As the digital landscape evolves, we forge ahead, fusing sustainable bhang with the transformative potential of Web3 technologies. By building upon decentralized networks, blockchain, and smart contracts, we redefine supply chains, fostering transparency, traceability, and accountability throughout our ecosystem. Through the decentralized web, we empower individuals to participate in sustainable practices, facilitating direct connections between conscious consumers and ethical producers.


Our vision is to create a world where sustainable bhang products are not just a choice but a standard, where every purchase is an investment in a regenerative future. From clothing to construction materials, biofuels to bioplastics, our offerings span across diverse industries, leaving no sector untouched by the positive impact of bhang.


Join us, as we bridge the gap between sustainability and Web3, unleashing a powerful movement that not only envisions but actively creates a world where economic prosperity and environmental stewardship coexist in perfect harmony. Together, we can shape a future that leaves a lasting legacy of progress, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.


The time is now, and the choice is yours. Embrace sustainable bhang products. Embrace Web3. Embrace the power to build a greener, more sustainable world.


In solidarity,

Bhang Buddies

Similarities in Hemp & Blockchain

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