॥ Every thing is derived from ecosystem and gets disolved into it ॥
॥ Blend of right knowledge, livelihood and pleasure is the right lifestyle ॥

॥ धर्मः ॥

Right Knowledge

It is about knowing the whole ecosystem, its fair & unfair transaction and consequences.

॥ अर्थः ॥

Right Means to Livelihood

It is earning via rights means.
It gives benefit to the whole ecosystem as growth is based and supported by literate participating peers.
(Know Local, Go Local)

॥ कामः ॥

Right Means to Get Pleasure

It is about pleasure, relaxation, relief derived via right means and in right forms from ecosystem.

॥ मोक्षः ॥

Ultimate Sustainable Satisfaction

It is about ultimate satisfaction derived via transaction within the ecosystem.

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Core Philosophy

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Hemp has been giving रोटी , कपड़ा, मकान, दवा, स्वास्थ  और संतुष्टि  (Nourishment, Fabric, Building Material, Medicine, Wellbeing and Contentment) since ages.
भंगोला stands for strengthening the supply chain of socio-economic model around Hemp.

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About Us

Bhangola is a startup, working for Trinity i.e., Individual, Society, and Ecosystem by developing sustainable products and promoting sustainable lifestyle and growth.
Hemp is our Hero raw material hence the name भंगोला (BHANGOLA). We work to develop Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Fashion wear with affordable alternatives available from the Ecosystem.
Team Bhangola is determined to work for efficient ecosystem economics by diligent use of knowledge.