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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is भंगोला | Bhangola?
    भंगोला | Bhangola is the name under which we want to bring hemp products into your lifestyle following a contented journey with you.
  • Why भाँग | Bhang aka Hemp?
    भाँग | Bhang aka Hemp has been giving Nourishment, fabric, building material, medicine, wellbeing, and Contentment for ages. We see Hemp as a potential leader in the sustainable growth sector.
  • What is पुरुषार्थ | Purushartha?
    पुरुषार्थ | Purushartha literally means an "object of human pursuit". We @bhangola intend to share a journey towards our ultimate aim with you. That journey is summarized as purushartha. Its 4 stages in sequence are Dharma: Artha: Kama: and Moksha:
  • Why the .xyz domain?
    We work for all stages of life be it generation x, y, or z. In Addition to this, we want it to remain open for all peers without boundaries.
  • Bhangola sells drugs?
    No. We only sell products of well-being for contentment. Our well-being, Our pride.
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