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Sustainable products & Why to choose them.

How many times has it happened to you that you couldn’t decide what to wear, despite a wardrobe overflowing with clothes? So now you decide to order another t-shirt because hey, your favorite brand is running a clearance sale! 

If this is you(sorry to say), you’re far from the concept of a sustainable lifestyle! 

And that is why you need to read till the end to know what sustainability is and how easily you can make eco-friendly choices!

First things first, What is a sustainable lifestyle, and what are sustainable products?

Sustainability in simple words is to make mindful lifestyle choices so that our resources on Earth can last longer! And this is no rocket science! All you have to do is switch to smarter and organic products. One easy alternative here is Hemp! That’s right. Hemp is a naturally occurring product, when processed, provides more eco-friendly options for various everyday uses! We’ll talk about it later in the blog. First, let’s see how you can make better choices in your everyday products!

Nutraceuticals Over Pharmaceuticals

Our bodies are designed to absorb fruits, vegetables, and naturally occurring food. So when you take a highly concentrated vitamin supplement, your body absorbs little and the rest is rejected, sometimes followed by side effects! Why does this happen? Well, Pharmaceutical drugs/medicines are made of chemically processed supplements which are used to treat a target problem. While it may be effective in treating one problem, the high concentration of chemicals has adverse effects on the overall health of the person.

So what’s a better option? Nutraceuticals! As the name suggests, these are supplements made from all-natural products which have no adverse effect on the body! Infact nutraceuticals are way sustainable in the long run! 

While pharmaceutical supplements are used to treat an immediate problem, nutraceuticals can be adopted as a way of sustainable nourishment. Eventually, this leads to fewer trips to the doctor saving you a lot of money and time

Cosmeceuticals over cosmetics

When it comes to skincare, nothing beats organic and natural remedies for all our skin problems. Period.

And this is the core philosophy of the highly in-demand cosmeceuticals. To make it easier, cosmeceutical is the best of both worlds from cosmetics and organic products.

Imagine a facewash that is also an antioxidant in nature!

While cosmetics mainly aim at beautifying your appearance, cosmeceuticals aim at making your skin or hair healthier. Again, cosmeceuticals are a winner in the long run of sustainable personal care!

Here are 3 reasons one should always prefer cosmeceutical over traditional cosmetics!

More Natural, More Sustainable -

Cosmeceuticals contain fewer chemicals and more organic products, obviously making them more sustainable for the environment. Your skincare is a part of your everyday routine. It is always better if the products you use are sustainable in the long run, leaving a healthier planet for all.

Fewer Chances of Adverse Reactions -

Products with natural ingredients over chemically active ingredients have a lesser chance of harming your skin/hair. Chemicals can adversely react to your skin, sometimes making the problem worse. Cosmeceuticals are definitely a safer bet!

Long Term Benefits -

While cosmetics may give you an instant glow, often these results are short-lived! On the contrary, sustainable skincare based on cosmeceuticals is longer lasting and has long-term benefits! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

So next time you invest in skincare, look out for the ingredient label and make the smarter choice!

Products, health, wellness, and fashion with sustainability are the reality

The fashion industry wants us to believe that buying every piece of clothing that is trending is necessary. It is not because it would make us look better but because the industry would suffer losses! The Cosmetic industry wants us to believe that putting on fairness products is the only way to appear acceptable in society. This is not because the industry cares for our appearance, but because if we would not believe this propaganda, it would fail to survive! Instead of falling for these marketing gimmicks, it is our responsibility to make better choices for our everyday activities. And no it doesn’t mean you have to look any less fashionable or any less attractive. Infact products, health, wellness and fashion go hand in hand with sustainability. Don’t stress too much and read these 3 easy ways to maintain your current lifestyle while  making better choices-

1. Learn where your fashion products come from

Do the shoes you wear come from animal skin? Or do they come from plastic fuming industries? If yes, make your next purchase smarter by looking up for brands that use recycled products to make your shoes. Or use naturally occurring products such as hemp for the material.

The same approach goes for your apparel too!

2. Your Health Supplements can be healthy for the environment!

As told above, it is not necessary to source protein from highly processed animal / chemical industries. There are many naturally occurring sources of plant based/ vegan protein that are healthier for you and the environment!

This is how you make better choices in your supplements!

3. Make sure skincare is also eco-care!

As far as possible, keep the chemicals away from your skin and the environment! Always look out for products that have more eco-friendly ingredients than chemicals and you’re good to go! However, understand not all products are for everyone, so always consult your doctors/dermatologists before making a shift in your products!

And just with these 3 easy steps, you are way ahead on your path of living a better and sustainable life! Nothing is compromised, infact only added! 

Nature is enough to sustain us happily and with contentment. All the products that we need, thrive in nature itself! One such healthy alternative is Hemp! Now before you think we’re asking you to do something illegal, read ahead!

Position of hemp in this sector

Mind you, when we say Hemp, we’re not saying any inebriating substances, which is often the first perceived thought at the word. Infact industrial Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, making it totally safe and legal for consumption. So let’s find out how this natural gift is useful across many industries!


Nutraceuticals, especially those made from Hemp contain essential amino acids like OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6. Our body needs these amino acids but can’t make it by itself. Hence, these need to be sourced from food. And what better option to get healthy and conscious than using hemp-derived nutraceuticals!

So now you know how to be healthy while being a part of a sustainable ecosystem!


There are several extracts of hemp that are known to have amazing effects on skin and haircare!

Hemp Seed Oil is often used in soaps,shampoos and face oils due to its moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

Hemp products can help to balance out oily skin, hydrating it and regulating the oil production of our skin!

What’s better than a skin that not only glows, but glows on the benefits of all organic products!


Do you know that the fast fashion industry generates an unexplainable  amount of toxic wastewater!In Bangladesh alone, 22,000 tons of toxic waste from tanneries goes straight into the waterways every year. Here comes Hemp to the rescue, which is an eco-friendly alternative to the harmful fabrics.Hemp actually is a weed, and grows without much watering.

Moreover, it can be shaped into apparel, footwear, paper, bags, and any fashion item you can think of!

Also, not to forget, Hemp fashion items are pretty earthly and good looking! These items make sure you’re always ahead in your fashion game while keeping you sustainable! With all this said, we hope now you understand how easy it is to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. After reading this, even if you make one better choice, you’re already a superhero for mankind and our beautiful ecosystem!



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