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How hemp can contribute to your well-being.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We know you’ve been adding pumpkin, chia, and sunflower seeds to your breakfast bowl! But you’re missing one superfood variation! We’re talking about Hemp Seeds!

Hemp seeds come from the plant Cannabis Sativa. Though hemp comes from the same family as that marijuana, hemp seeds do not connect with any mind-altering substance.

Let us dig down the benefits of Hemp Seeds

Powerhouse of Nutrition

Hemp seeds are also called a superfood and for all the right reasons. They are a great source of protein, as good as soybeans. A 30-gram serving (three tablespoons) of raw hemp seeds contains 9.47 grams of protein. In a world where fitness is directly proportional to the quality of the protein you intake, hemp is greatly incorporated into the diet.

Not only protein, but Hemp seeds also contain essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. These amino acids are not produced by the body. These can only be obtained by food, so hemp seeds come into the picture here. We can establish that Hemp seeds are a boon to those following veganism.

Aids Digestion

The outer shell or the hull of hemp seeds is an excellent source of digestive fiber. If you consume the seeds with the hull intact, your gut will be the happiest! Hemp seeds help in hunger management, helping those who tend to overeat.

It is also good for blood-sugar management, making it a multi-purpose addition to your diet.

Skincare Potion

Hemp seeds can be cold-pressed to extract hemp seed oil. This oil can be used as a very effective addition to your skincare routine. Hemp seed oil is a hydrant and is very beneficial to lock in moisture on the skin. It also helps to fight acne as it controls the skin’s oil production. Not only this, as compared to other face oils, hemp seed oil doesn’t clog pores on the skin. Guess it’s time to upgrade your skincare routine.

Effective to Reduce Heart Diseases

Studies have shown that eating hemp seeds may be good for heart health. It is due to the high amounts of amino acids in the seeds. These amino acids produce nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric Oxide is responsible for making the blood vessels relax, subsequently lowering the blood pressure. This reduces the chances of getting a cardiac arrest.

Helpful in PMS

Almost all menstruating women would agree that PMS is a difficult physical and emotional time for all. Anything that helps fight the period blues is a gift to menstruators. And here’s one remedy we would suggest. Hemp seeds. Yes! Hemp seeds contain gamma-linolenic acid which produces prostaglandin E1. This whole process reduces the effects of prolactin, the main hormone responsible for PMS.


It’s high time that people start incorporating hemp seeds into their daily routine to have a healthier lifestyle. Not only is it beneficial for individuals but also the planet!



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