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भाँग|Bhang - Destroyer or Creator

Something like भांग|Bhang inevitably takes a bit of cynicism to process without falling into any of its many caveats/warnings, but it is just as important to look out for the gems in the rough.

भांग|Bhang - The Common Hysteria!

As learned from experiences in this physical or digital world, bad things/talks, rumors, myths, and emotions spread faster than anything.

Unfortunately, भांग|Bhang got trapped in this for almost over a century now. When everyone talks about भांग|Bhang they will surely discuss drugs, addiction, NDPS act & NCB, etc. This first impression that is being spread unintentionally or intentionally is not yielding better results for our ecosystem. It’s sad that such a useful and eco-friendly plant has been dishonored and shunned for no good reason.

भांग|Bhang has been used for various purposes in different parts of the culture of various civilizations that existed in history for many centuries. None of the civilizations/societies, be it oldest or modern, rural or urban, will deny the use of it. It was used for medicine, textile, fuel, etc.

Bhang- It’s a friend, not a foe!

भांग|Bhang as the utility has been giving रोटी, कपड़ा, मकान, दवा, स्वास्थ & संतुष्टी for ages.

In the present scenario, In some parts of our society, where rationality dominates we see a window to use भांग|Bhang rationally. And this rationality can be easily checked with various reports, research papers, institutions, and businesses looking for opportunities for themselves and are coming out with solutions to many modern-day problems with successful models open in the public domain.

भांग|Bhang - A choice needs to be made wisely

भांग|Bhang can destroy life as seen in drug addiction.

भांग|Bhang can create/enhance your lifestyle as it did for centuries.

There surely exist various transactions between different components of the ecosystem (be it between biotic or abiotic/ among biotic components). Transactions can be classified as fair and unfair by seeing their short-term & long-term consequences. The rewards are obtained by the participants involved, and society in general.

The thing is the same but the results are different and because of whom?

You guessed it right. It's us who make things bad or good, right or wrong. We use it for destruction or construction.

Now the choice is yours! Whether you want to elevate your life for good or trap it in shallow addictions.

If the choice made is right, nothing matches the goodness of eco-friendly and sustainable life.



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